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Illness Reports from New Mattress

New Mattress / Bed Illness Report Page 
Reports of health problems linked to chemicals in new mattresses.

Unlike mattresses of 40+ years ago, mattresses today are manufactured with increased amounts of petroleum based foams, plastics and a variety of volatile chemicals (including controversial flame retardants).  Research and personal accounts suggest people can in fact, be made ill by the repeated and continuous exposure to these low level chemicals during the sleep process.   This is especially true for people who have lower levels of liver detoxification enzymes known as cytochrome P-450 (thereby allowing chemicals to build up in their blood to higher than normal levels).  Since research is now available showing these chemicals are in fact evaporating from the materials used to make modern day mattresses (vinyl, plastics, foams, fungicides, pesticides) and that some are carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds, the next important step is to make public any personal accounts of illnesses developing after mattress use.   Health effects caused by petroleum chemical exposure can weaken or damage the immune and nervous system.   Interestingly, autoimmune disorders have also been linked with exposure to petroleum-based chemicals and have been found to be the underlying etiology of many common health problems today
(soft tissue damage, arthritis, etc).  
The reports below are from individuals who emailed us to report 
health problems immediately following a new bed (mattress) purchase.

My husband and I bought a Tempurpedic bed a little over a month ago. We both could hardly believe the odor when it was delivered. I immediately got a headache and felt light-headed. I opened the windows in the bedroom, ran an ozonator air purifier on full blast and closed the door as the odor was quickly spreading to the rest of the house. We had given our only bed to the delivery men when they delivered the Tempurpedic Mattress so that night we slept on the bed. I woke up several times due to the terrible odor. By morning I had a severe headache, sore throat, and felt terrible. Things have gone from bad to worse. After two weeks I began to feel itchy all over while laying in the bed. I began to wash ALL the bedding everyday and run the ozonator over the exposed mattress while not sleeping to try to purify it. After three weeks I began wheezing which I have never done before in my life. Two weeks ago I got my period and it has not stopped. I am hemorrhaging from my uterus along with an intensification of all the previous symptoms. My lungs feel raw, my throat hurts intensely all day, my thoughts feel foggy, and I am now bleeding nonstop.  I called the company about 10 days ago and they assured me the bed was nontoxic. I have been second guessing myself because my husband's reaction has just been a disgust with the odor with little other symptoms. We both are grateful to have a comfortable bed, so I have been hoping this would all pass. Today I felt so sick and weak I have been searching the internet to try to see if anybody else was having trouble. Thanks for all your feedback. You may have saved my life. I am hoping I can recover. I can hardly remember what it feels like to be well. I will be calling the company to return the bed and have decided to get a Natural bed.  Please contact me if anyone knows anything regarding any class action lawsuits against Tempurpedic. 
McCormick, SC
Email: roselieta at
November 14, 2004

Tempur-Pedic Pillows - Neurological 
Yesterday my wife and I purchased 2 queen-size Tempur-Pedic pillows in hopes of relieving our long-term neck problems. We were told that the odor would dissipate within a few days. They were extremely comfortable so we accepted the "temporary" toxic odor.  I awoke at 3:00 a.m gasping for breath and was VERY dizzy. I went back to sleep (or passed out) and within an hour the situation had worsened. I threw the pillow off the bed and tried to get back to sleep. At this point, I felt extreme nausea and light-headedness. When I attempted to get out of bed, I passed out and luckily fell back onto the mattress avoiding any injury. My wife experienced no problem (yet).  They're going back to the store today and if they don't offer a refund, we will unfortunately dispose of them in the nearest landfill. What a waste of $180.00!!!!
Cooperstown, NY
Email: wildginseng at
November 11, 2004

Simmons Beautyrest Quebec pillow top mattresses
After suffering from severe backaches for the past 1.5 years, I decided to look up the brand on the net to see if there are recalls or something related to the worst backaches in my life, to the point I am no longer able to drive myself any further than 5 miles away.  My husband, a physician also has horrendous backache upon waking up not to mention we've had sinus and severe allergy and headache since this bed from hell entered our lives. How are they allowed to get away with all this????  
Pine Bush, NY
Email: jordanpinebushny at
November 10, 2004

Breathing Problems - Sealy Posturepedic Mattress 
I brought the  new mattress  ever since  I been having trouble breathing and itchy feeling when go to bed,  I have  been trying to air out . I took the pillows out the room, it seem to help some. we are  not  able to return it since it was a sale. next time when i buy a mattress I will buy a chemical free one. Don't make the same mistake like we did.
Pasadena, MD
Email: gwitles at
November 9, 2004

Chronic Cough,
I have a showroom with the healthiest beds and pillows you could find on this planet. In order to be fair I will not comment on what brand of beds I sell, I just want to touch on a few (8) personal customers who have suffered from chronic coughs, while they have spent their nights on Memory foam type pillows.  These customers changed their pillows to all natural downpillows, and in each and every single case they reported back the fact that in about 2-4 weeks their coughs were gone. Though we don't know as of yet at what point the coughs will be reversible, it may depend on how much time you have spent on the memory foam product. Also do NOT get fooled regarding Natural Latex. That a mattress could be built from 100% natural Latex is a bold faced lie, and current laws of the United States provides the loop hole. I am responding to this website because I am so angry that the general public is being mislead and lied to by mattress manufacturers. A lot of people can stand the chemicals stuffed in our beds, others cannot, and you deserve to know the truth as a consumer!  If a store or manufacturer shy's away from your questions about what is inside their flame retardant, percentage of chemicals in their "All Natural Latex Beds" etc. Be aware, the solution to your problems is as simple as Nature itself! 
Best of luck! Los Angeles, CA
Email: Bedwizzard at

Tempurpedic Is a Killer
I bought (2) queen size pillows. Detected no odor in store from them. However once taken out of box and plastic I caught the smell right away but at first was not alarmed. 1st night I did not detect anything other than the smell. Ironically 2nd day was my eye appointment. He said I had an allergy in my eyes and it was quite bad and he put me on steroid drops. I had never had this before. 2nd night I started wheezing, runny nose, swollen eyes, throat closed up, ringing in my ears, legs were jerking, itchies from hell in my hair, when I stood up I passed out. My husband tried to help me, he too fainted! Our room smelled like rotten eggs until we were smart enough to figure out it was gas from the pillows and threw them out. He recovered faster than I did. I am still sick and the pillows have been gone from our bedroom for 4 days now. I have to see a Pulmonary, Allergist and Neurologist doctor to see if there has been any long term damage.  After all I have read on here, I am convinced I am not alone and something should be done. Anyone can E-mail me that wants to. I have reported Tempurpedic to the "U.S. Consumer Safety Product Comm." and I hope more people do so who are being affected from being made sick by the gassing-out from these chemicals.
Ormond Beach, Florida
Email: Flecuona at
October 19, 2004

Tempur-Pedic - Smell and allergy symptoms
We purchased a Tempur-Pedic mattress about two weeks ago, and the first night it had a real bad smell, the smell seemed to get worse from our Body Heat and when I turned on the Electric Blanket.  I am prone to allergies, and within 2-3 nights I developed substantially increased coughing and sinus problems and tight breathing, I have a mild asthma problem.  I immediately suspected the bed, and so did my Doctor.  I slept in another bedroom just one night and the symptoms got considerably better the next day.  We are sending the mattress back, and hoping a Latex mattress will work.  Got some information from an environmental Doctor I have gone to and that is one type they recommended.  Unfortunately the store only has one brand, and they will exchange, but won't refund. Sleep Country? Hope it works out. 
Seattle,  WA
Email: caloveg at
October 16, 2004

Serta "Roseberry" with fire-blocker had intolerable smell
We bought a new, firm "Roseberry" Serta Perfect Sleeper priced at about $1,000 and were very disappointed that the smell of it made it impossible to even be in our bedroom.  After 2 weeks of "outgassing" it with the windows open and fans on and very little progress, meanwhile with us sleeping in guest rooms, the store exchanged it for a floor model which has outgassed for 5 months in the store.  This second bed seemed to have no smell in the store, but at home it's noticeable that there's a strong smell somewhat like drywall dust. After one night of sleeping on it, I know I'll either have to return it or zip it completely up in an impermeable mattress cover.  So far the store has been very helpful and one worker told me that another person had returned the same bed model due to smell.  
Maui, HI
Email: holamaui at
October 14, 2004

TempurPedic causing hives?
My husband and I accepted delivery of our new Tempur-Pedic mattress just a few days ago.  We were so excited about the new sleep experience.  Since my first exposure to the bed, however, (just walking into the room where it is located), hives began to appear on my body.  Let me emphasize, I hadn't even SLEPT on it yet!  I immediately noticed the chemical smell in the bedroom and mentioned it to my husband.  He said it would dissipate in a few days. Since I had experienced a period of hives a few years earlier and I suffer from multiple allergies, I assumed the hives were being caused by something I ate.  I attributed the sore throat and cough to an on-coming cold --  until I started reading the stories on this website!  I proceeded to sleep on the bed for the next couple of nights and for the past few days, I have had moderate to severe hives all over my body as well as a sore throat and dry cough. (I am typing this at 4 am and have been up since 12:30 am because of the hives.) My husband has been sleeping wonderfully on the bed, but I think we will likely return it after all I have read here.  Thank you everyone for helping me figure out what is causing my misery.
Maryland, USA
Email: diane.kollmorgen at
October 9, 2004

Five Days Five Migraines, Constant Sore Throat And Swollen Eyes
I just purchased a Sealy pillow top mattress five days ago...I have been deathly ill with massive migraines difficulty breathing sore throat itchy eyes and extreme stomach pains for some unknown reason I decided to type in Sealy toxic fumes and this web site appeared I am returning the mattress tomorrow and am told by the salesman that a natural latex material would be better for me ...Wow buyer beware.
Email: angelmaryellen at
October 8, 2004

How about a solution.
I'm in the market for a new mattress and I'm concerned about these issues. Has anyone considered a latex mattress. It would seem that a 100% natural latex might be the answer. Make sure it's the 100% natural though, some latex contain chemical additives.
Carlbad, Ca
Email: dsp1477 at
October 7, 2004

Simmons Beauty Rest Nightmare 
I purchased a king size Simmons Beauty Rest mattress and box springs in March of 2003 and 16 months later I'm still living the nightmare.  Since purchasing the mattress and boxspring I have experienced the following symptoms: a nervous and anxious feeling, unable to sleep, irritable, tingling in the hands and head and a stuffed up nose.  I have been to 3 different doctors trying to find out the cause, I have had my ducts cleaned in my house, had the furnace and central air cleaned and inspected and I have had the air tested in my house for mold - all to no avail.  I have since moved the Simmons mattress and box spring to the garage with plastic around it and my symptoms have gone away.  But now I'm out a bed and sleeping on the sofa or a hide away bed.  Is there anything that can be done - the warranty only lasts for a year!     
Castle Shannon, PA
Email: Brian.Walker at

Cannon Mattress - Itching, Rashes, Sleeplessness, Swollen Eyes 
About a week after I started sleeping in my new mattress (bought at I began developing symptoms.  I didn't put it together until yesterday, but my body is covered in a terrible rash.  I didn't sleep in my bed for the first time last night, and it was the first time since I bought my bed that I didn't itch throughout the night.  This is a NIGHTMARE!  Why in the world would they put such terrible chemicals in my bed?  I know its the bed because nothing else in my lifestyle has changed.  The rash is all over my body, including my scalp.  My eyes are swollen when I wake up, I'm extremely tired, and I wake up with sore throats.  I'm seriously depressed because I can't get any sleep and I just spent 500 dollars on this new bed.  I'm a student, so buying a new bed right away is going to be difficult.  I guess I'll just have to sleep on the couch.  Does anyone else have symptoms like this?
Emeryville, CA
Email: itsatsos at

Tempurpedic Testimonial from Hell
After researching the best bed to buy for a long-term chronic pain problem due to multiple neck injuries, I settled on a Tempurpedic Adjustable Queen.  I purchased the bed from a local furniture store as a non-returnable special order.  After the bed delivery, a horrific smell permeated my home.  A tag on the bed and Tempurpedic's website assured that it was non-toxic and the smell would dissipate within a couple of weeks.  After about 3 weeks the smell was still awful, my sister said it smelled like "dirty socks" in my home and asked how I could possibly sleep on a bed with that horrible odor.  Additionally, I was noticing that I was waking up much more stiff and sore in the morning, but attributed it too the comfort of the new bed and the fact that I was not moving around as much at night because I was able to find a better position.  My feeling un-well began to escalate to severe, flu-like, deep muscle and bone pain.  Much worse and more wide-spread than the chronic pain I purchased the bed to help relieve.  I also had escalated feeling of anxiety, depression and panic.  I barely had enough energy to walk from room to room.  After seeking the advice of a number of health care professionals I discovered that the Tempurpedic bed was so toxic to my system it could have "killed" me.  I have had to work diligently to get the bed returned and have my money refunded.  There are chemicals in almost every aspect of our lives and they are causing dis-ease in epidemic proportions.  Nothing can change, without awareness.  May you all find wellness.
Ann Arbor, Michigan

My Mattress is Making Me ill !
We recently purchased the Tempurpedic mattress and the smell is awful! Our room smells like it, our clothes our skin, and is making us very ill!!  I do not recommend it at all!!
Fitchburg, MA
Email: Kneads52 at

Carpal Tunnel Problems from Foam Mattress Topper
I bought a memory foam mattress topper and aired it out for 5 and one half months before putting it on our bed because of the smell (it still smelled).  I immediately developed the symptoms of carpal tunnel problems in my right arm - sore inflamed wrist, weakness in my fingers, sore shoulder, and my arm throbbed at night.  I shifted most of my computing and work to my left arm which helped ease the pain.  I noticed that my problem would start to go away when I traveled away from home and thought that this was because I was not working on a computer.  However, when I had an extended period at home when I did not work on the computer but my problem continued to get worse, I began to wonder.  I realized that the problem began when I installed the foam topper and then searched for information.  I found this site and realized it could be the foam.  I removed the topper and had a significant improvement after one night and the problem was almost completely gone in one week.  While the topper was on the bed I also noticed that I seemed to sleep very deeply but I was always tired and could not seem to get enough sleep.  This also went away when I got rid of the topper.
Columbus, Ohio

Deathly ill after sleeping on new Sealy mattress
We purchased a new Sealy mattress (06/28/04) and after sleeping on the mattress, I had hives, the skin on my face felt burnt and was red and tingly.  My throat started burning, my chest and face got extremely hot, I went to the emergency room once and visited my doctor once.  I am now developing a cough and my tongue has a metallic taste.  It appears from the other comments that others have had the same experience.  I feel as if I have been poisoned.  What if anything can I do?
Lexington, NC

Nautica Pillows Give Sinus Reaction
My wife bought two new pillows replacing the old tired feather ones we had.  I woke up in the middle of the night and it was like the Hoover damn had burst inside my nose and sinus cavities! I threw the pillow on the floor and went back to sleep waking a few hours later with the symptoms almost gone and gone completely a couple hours after I got out of bed.  For whatever reason, my wife didn't seem to be affected.  I strongly suspect I had some sort of allergic reaction to something in these pillows - but what? 
Boston, MA
Email: mike at

Simmons Beauty Rest Nightmare 
I purchased a king size Simmons Beauty Rest mattress and box springs in March of 2003 and 16 months later I'm still living the nightmare.  Since purchasing the mattress and box spring I have experienced the following symptoms: a nervous and anxious feeling, unable to sleep, irritable, tingling in the hands and head and a stuffed up nose.  I have been to 3 different doctors trying to find out the cause, I have had my ducts cleaned in my house, had the furnace and central air cleaned and inspected and I have had the air tested in my house for mold - all to no avail.  I have since moved the Simmons mattress and box spring to the garage with plastic around it and my symptoms have gone away.  But now I'm out a bed and sleeping on the sofa or a hide away bed.  Is there anything that can be done - the warranty only lasts for a year!     
Castle Shannon, PA
Email: Brian.Walker at

Stearns & Foster Concerns
I have been considering buying the Stearns & Foster Euro Pillow top mattress called Silver Dreams.. After being on the website I am afraid to buy anything now.. Has anyone had any problems with this mattress?
Philadelphia, PA
Email: mabercrom at

Simmons Beauty Rest causes DEATHLY ILLNESS
I got sick after one night on my 'new' Simmons Ultra Plush Pillow Top Beauty Rest.  I was deathly ill for 3 weeks before my partner made me sleep in the other room.  After 10 days I was better.  I didn't want to believe it was the bed.  I started sleeping in it again.  5 days later the symptoms returned, and then SHE started getting the same symptoms.  I contracted a very serious upper respiratory infection.  Puss pockets all over the back of my throat, terrible bronchitis, achy flu like symptoms all over my body.  I was out of work for 6 days.  The terrible burning in my throat was the worst pain I've ever experienced.  Now the store won't take it back.  Please tell me where I can sign up to sue their asses off!  Don't buy anything from Simmons or Sleep Country.
Woodinville, WA 
April 14, 2004
Email: drpoarch at

Simmons Beautyrest Suspected Cause of Arthritis & Allergies
WE paid $1100 for  a queen sized mattress thinking we were buying a good one. After tearing the bedroom apart over and over again and washing sheets, blankets, and comforters day in and day, I figured out where the horrible odor was coming from. I kept smelling the top of the mattress cover which smelled fine. The odor is coming from the sides of the mattress and box spring. Since we have had this mattress both my husband and I developed severe arthritis and allergies. I did contact the local store that sold it and am meeting with the manager to pick out a new one. Has anyone else had an odor problem with Simmons?
Chippew Falls, Wisconsin
March 10, 2004 - suds at execpc,com

2 Year Old Started Vomiting After Sleeping On A Spring Air Mattress
We recently purchased a Spring Air mattress for my 2-year old daughter who was transitioning out of her crib.  The first night, after sleeping in the mattress for about 4 hours she awoke crying and vomiting.  We took her into our own bed to comfort her and she continued to vomit every half-hour all night long.  The next day, she seemed to be a little better but she continued to sleep in bed with us just so we could watch her.  On the third day, she seemed to be feeling much better so we put her back in her "new" big-girl bed with much fanfare.  Two hours later she awoke vomiting AGAIN!  I am certain that her sickness is because of the new mattress.  We are returning it back to the store as soon as possible. Please contact me if there are any updates, or if someone has a similar story. 
Chandler, AZ
February 2004 - smweichert at

Memory Foam Mattress - Suspected Cause of Allergies
I bought my memory foam mattress, a knockoff of the Tempur-pedic mattress, 1ess than a year ago.  At the time and up to now, I have never noticed a "smell" coming from the mattress.  However, I just barely started realizing that something was making me have allergy symptoms, like post nasal drip, mucous in the throat (I have to keep clearing my throat otherwise I sound hoarse),) dry cough especially at night.  Sometimes, the dry cough would keep waking me up at night.  It comes and goes, I don't always have it.  For sure though, the post nasal drip that I have especially in the mornings, the watery nose ( I bend over and water runs out of my nose,.)  I started narrowing down the area where I had the stronger symptoms.  I noticed, since I have a phone in the bedroom, that when I sit down to talk on the phone, I would also start getting that dry, scratchy throat, which makes me cough while I'm talking. Just the other day, my husband took off the terry cloth cover from the mattress and let me tell you, that day my voice was so hoarse, and I was sneezing like crazy.  I thought to myself, I bet this is it!  But how, I had never heard of such a thing.  So I started looking up memory foam, and allergy boards and finally got here.  
February 2004

Spectra Foam Mattress Reaction - Class Action Lawsuit Inquiry
I purchased a memory foam mattress by White Dove Mattress Company. As soon as I started sleeping on it, I started having sinus and bronchial problems... The doctor put me on 2 different types of antibiotics for the flu like symptoms, severe headaches, chills, cough, sore throat and sinus problems. I just kept feeling worse instead of better and because I was sick I was lying on the bed all day not realizing that I was being poisoned by my mattress and the smell that I was inhaling were fumes that I was severely allergic to.  I went to the doctors again and now I had severe sinusitis and severe rhinitis and was still wheezing and coughing.  I feel like it's affected my memory and I just can't think clearly at times. The furniture store did come and take the mattress out of my house and they brought me a latex mattress which is supposed to be naturally hypo-allergenic and is advertised not to de-gas. I am very sensitive to smells now and I can smell a rubber-like smell on this mattress...but it doesn't smell like a chemical. I'm hoping that it will go away soon. I'm still fighting all these symptoms and am on prednisone therapy now because my immune system has been affected and I can't seem to fight anything off.   I hope someone gets a class action suit started against these companies. If anyone would like anymore information, please email (address below).  I will keep everyone posted as to my recovery and how this latex mattress works for me. It's hard to tell right now when I'm still sick.  
Struthers, Ohio
Tangie452 at

Allergy to Simmons Beautyrest
Within minutes after he plastic around our new mattress was removed my eyes began to itch, my throat felt sore and I began to wheeze. I do suffer from several allergies and would seem to be allergic to my new mattress.  I immediately rewrapped it ready to be returned to the store. I am now researching organic mattresses. Any info on these would be appreciated. I do not believe I will be able to have a latex rubber one as I am latex intolerant from working in health care.   
Toronto, Canada
gaddabout at

Cancer appears in dog after bed purchase
About 3-7 days after we received a king size Sealy Pillow Top Mattress, our dog began to show signs of lymphoma (a type of blood cancer) . The mattress had a strong chemical (plastic) smell for 2-3 weeks . The dog was 50 lb, 14 yo, and on Rimadyl .  She started coughing, then had loose stools, followed by loss of appetite.  She was diagnosed with lymphoma about 3 weeks after we received the mattress.   Does this seem possible that the cause was the mattress chemicals?   Thank you for any input !
Mary Souveroff

Purity Products Sleep Topper Memory Foam Mattress Topper
We ordered a Sleep Topper Foam Mattress Topper from Purity Products in January of 2004.  I put it on our spare bed the first night and slept on it.  My husband slept on our waterbed in the master bedroom.  I woke him up at 3:30 in the morning because I felt so horrible.  I had a migraine type headache, nausea, dizzy, confusion, aches, pains and difficulty breathing.  He had a slight headache himself and he had been in another room.  We thought it was just the flu or maybe some residual paint fumes from a room we had painted except that he was not as sick as I was and he was sleeping in the room.  The next day we discovered the problem was the mattress topper pad I had purchased.  It even said on the paper work that it would smell for awhile.  I was not willing to go through that type of illness again.  I sent the Purity Products Structure Memory Foam Topper back.   
Fort Worth,  Texas
CRonBekiC at

Sealy Benning Eurotop Mattress
I  just purchased this bed, but do not have it in my home as of yet. I came across this web site and am now getting concerned. Has anyone had any problems with this mattress? (Sealy Benning Eurotop)
Iron, Mn
cjbuk at

Tempurpedic Mattress again linked to Health Problems
Two weeks ago we received our new mattress. I have had a VERY bad sinus infection along with terrible body itching. I had bad wheezing and have been to my doctor several times for breathing treatments. After going to bed I'd become very restless and very depressed and cry a lot. The smell was on everything and even on my skin. I am returning it, but I begrudge the $150 send back charge along with the fact, the pillows they gave me were "free" but upon return they will not take them but charged me another $50 apiece for them. I am now waiting for a new Sealy Posturepedic. I pray that this will be fine. I would like to be part of a class action suit against the Tempurpedic Company. 
North Ridgeville, Ohio 
sholtisfamily at

Ikea Mattress Odor Problems
Ikea has a problem with foam odor. I recently moved and had a year old Ikea mattress stored by a moving company in a large cardboard mattress box. It had a unpleasant foam odor similar to old car seats when we slept on it. The six months of storage did not help either. We don't have any signs of chemical illness, but just cannot sleep on a smelly bed.  This will be the second one year old Ikea mattress we'll have to discard due to odor. They seem to get worse as time goes on. Until Ikea can address this problem I would discourage anyone from purchasing a mattress from them. 
Huron, OH

Tempur-Pedic - Terrible Smell
I have had the Tempur-Pedic mattress for two weeks.  Noticed the terrible smell the first night on it, which seems to increase with body heat.  The manufacturer says the odor will disappear after a few days, but truthfully it is getting worse, permeating sheets and bedclothes.   I can almost taste it!  Airing out the mattress does no good whatsoever. I wake up groggy, headachy and nauseated, unable to think straight.  Hope this stuff does not turn out to be carcinogenic - like asbestos, maybe?  Does anyone really know?
Valley Stream, NY
Email: summer11580 at

Migraines and nausea from new King Koil pillow top mattress
I can't believe I found this website with people explaining similar issues with their new mattress. I have had my new mattress for about four weeks now and I've had my windows open on a regular basis to try to air out the smell.  Once I put the sheets on with the mattress pad it seems to hold in the odor and I have to change them again in three days.  I thought I was developing allergies so I went to my primary care doctor and an allergist.  They concluded that I was allergic to dust and that I could be getting migraines. So I have been taking allergy medication and it hasn't helped at all.  My headaches got so bad that I had to get a prescription for migraine medication.  I still have a headache now and cannot wait to replace this new mattress.  I called Mattress Giant where I bought it and they are exchanging it for me.  We'll see if the new one has no odor.  I hope it's okay.  If not, they said I could come in and look at another brand.  It seems that there are many brands that have this problem when it involves foam or a pillow top.  I've read other articles on the internet and Dow made up a bad batch of chemicals (TCA) and supposedly, it's not hazardous to our health but with the symptoms we are feeling I find that hard to believe.  I kept my mattress thinking that it would air out.  I was wrong and wish I saw these articles sooner. Thank you for this website.  Good Luck to you all.
Oxford, MA 
Email: maryfranbolduc at

We're buying an Organic Mattress
I found this site by accident, for which I'm grateful. I was trying to find one of those visco-foam bedding companies that might be cheaper than Tempurpedic. I'm not prone to allergies, but I have found that, as I get older (I'm 43) and the healthier I get, I am growing increasingly intolerant of funky chemicals. After I found out the true chemical name of the foam, I said to my husband, NO, we are not having that crap in this house! (an organic mattress was our second choice after the foam jobbie, till I found this website) - Never eat anything or sleep on anything you cannot pronounce!  Anyone looking for an organic bed or bedding might want to check out   I hope that you poor souls having trouble on this list find relief, and thank you very much for helping to prevent me from making a very costly (and apparently smelly!) mistake! 
Indira Moyer
Marietta, GA
Email: shakti0925 at

STINKY mattress problem - Temporary Solution
I went out and bought a King Sealy mattress from a warehouse store.  The original price was in the thousands...but lets just say I got it cheap.  When I got it home and placed the sheets on it....WOW, the smell just about killed me.  I figured it was because I bought it from the warehouse, scratch and dent store.  Although, I thought there is no way this can be new like they say, but a little dirty...After reading this page...I guess not!  I went to Walmart and bought a zipper vinyl cover for the mattress.  I slept well last night.  It just about does away with the smell.  For those of you who want a little relief...Try this.....It helps for now....We will see what the future brings....
Magnolia, Texas
CHEM-TOX COMMENT:  While a vinyl cover can block chemicals "evaporating" from the mattress, the vinyl cover itself emits its own controversial chemicals and should therefore be used only as a temporary remedy.

Beautryrest Nightmare - POOCHY Mattress with Memory Foam
Today is September 13th & my husband & I just received our 2nd Simmons 'Beverly Hills Extra Plush' (Beautyrest) Mattress, our 1st mattress had a horrible odor which permeated our sheets, pillows & comforter. The 1st night we slept on our mattress I experienced a migraine headache. We both woke up feeling achy with flu like symptoms (severe headaches, body aches which include neck & shoulders, sore throat & coughing).  In addition to that I experienced severe tenderness in both my breasts. We actually thought we were coming down with the flu. We have taken medication for sinus problems, allergies, flu like symptoms to no avail. We still feel miserable. I am so fatigued that I have caught myself nodding off at work several times a day plus my chest feels like it is caving in. Our 2nd mattress has the same odor. We have decided not to sleep on our 2nd mattress. We went back to the store & got an exchange, this time our mattress does not have the memory foam. It s a pillow top with foam & it s a Simmons. Hopefully this new mattress will be just fine. Wish us luck. I will come back to this site and add comments about our 3rd mattress.  If you would like to email us about this issue, please email Eddie & Lisa (dozaetl at & use  mattress  or something related to that as a subject header. Thanks! 
Allen, Texas

Memory Foam Mattress
I've just purchased a Memory Form mattress (similar to a Tempur Pedic, but unfortunately the $200 price reduction means no 90 day return policy), and have had headaches, a sore throat and sinus problems ever since from the out-gassing. And on top of that, I've had worse back problems than before. The retailer I purchased it from claims a no-return policy from this manufacturer, but I haven't even begun to be the impossible customer yet (so we'll see). Wondering if anyone else has had any success at getting the manufacturer to take the product back? I haven't personally investigated this option yet, but found a possible natural latex replacement from the following company. Has anyone had any experience with this product?
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Colorado Springs, CO USA -
We bought a Simmons PillowTop "Holmes" in Sept, 2002 from Lazarus dept. store. The odor! the denials! by Simmons physical symptoms!...all the same as reported by many others at this site............We were rid of the mattress and replacements by November, 2002. Our symptoms persist (this is 9 months later). Anybody else have lingering odor after removal of mattress? 
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Mattress fumes (Probably fire retardant application)
I purchased a Simmon's mattress for our infant 10 months ago. At the time a co-worker of mine, told me about a mattress cover she was going to buy for her newborn's mattress. She was concerned about toxic fumes radiating from the mattress. I asked her what the web address was at the time, but did not think much about it. Now I understand what she is talking about. The mattress did not smell at first, but I have been wondering what this smell was in our baby's room. I could not figure it out at first, but tried airing out the room a couple of times. That seem to help, but it became temporary. I finally figured out it was the mattress, when I was laying on the floor next to the crib. I could smell the fumes coming from underneath the crib. It is ridiculous that we need to have the chemicals applied to our mattresses. How often is there going to be fire near a bed? Most people will die from smoke inhalation, before burning. I am going to ask my co-worker again about the web-site that has the mattress covers. I will definitely buy one. Unfortunately this does not fix the on going problem for all those who are not aware of the issue. Something must be done. IF anyone has a path to take towards speaking out please provide! Thank you 
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Unhappy in Phoenix
We bought a Tepurpedic mattress. It took several days before the heavy smell of rubber (like in a tire store) went away. It was very comfortable but we notice we started to wake up bone tired and with nasal irritation. In several weeks I noticed a strange sensation in one of my ears and then my wife and I came down with sinus infection infections We took anti biotics and also went on a planned vacation. We felt better and assumed this resulted from the antibiotics. But when we returned two weeks later and started sleeping on the bed we had the same symptoms and decided it resulted from sleeping on the Tempurpedic. So we stopped using it and returned it. We had to pay a fee of $150 for restocking. But what we didn't know was that Tempurpedic would not take back the base that they sold to us. So we spent over 1,600 and received a credit something over, $1,300. I don't feel we should have to pay either the restocking fee or the penalty for the base because Tempurpedic was not up front about the smell (which abated but never went completely away), or the fact that we couldn't return the base.
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Lodge a complaint about your stinky, toxic mattresses
I encourage everyone with toxic mattresses to file a complaint with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission at 1-800-638-2772. We will be more effective in numbers. Just this morning they brought my 3rd replacement mattress which I turned down because it smells as bad or worse. And I have gotten nowhere in finding out any info about what chemicals are out gassing from my mattress. I'm deeply frustrated and may attempt to get the media interested in our problem. junebuggie at
Tacoma, WA USA - Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 13:59:49 (CDT)
Headaches from Sealy Posturepedic
I purchased a new mattress in October and I didn't have a lot of money to do so but I needed a new one. I went to Art Van Furniture because they had a good reputation for mattress'. I got the bed a few days later and it did smell funny but I thought it would go away in a couple of days. I washed my sheets and new comforter and the smell was still there. I was getting awful headaches and feeling sick a lot and couldn't figure out why. I was waking up and smelling this odor and didn't know what to do and why. I have been staying with my boyfriend and the headaches have stopped. I didn't even realize this was happening till someone else told me they were having this problem. I'm very disappointed I spent a lot of money for a good quality mattress and it turns out they knew that these mattress were going to smell like this and cause a lot of problems. I work hard for my money like everyone else and I would like to go to sleep on my bed and feel comfortable not restless and sick. I wish I would have spoken up sooner. 
Davisburg, Mi USA - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 17:30:37 (CDT)
Don't Buy a Tempur-Pedic Mattress!
We ordered a bed and picked up two Tempur-Pedic contour pillows to bring home to try out in advance. We found the pillows to be hard and uncomfortable around the neck area (by comparison, the showroom pillows we excessively floppy, like soft dough). The pillows also felt itchy, even through two pillow covers but we went to sleep on them and I awoke early the next morning with my neck burning hot and numb. I was lying on my back and both of my arms were numb and tingly by my side. On top of that, there was involuntary twitching spasms in my fingers and face. I switched back to my previous pillow for the remainder of the morning. That entire day, both my wife and I had a numbness and tingling sensation around our foreheads, temples, jaws and necks, as well as headaches and woozy and muddled thoughts. Needless to say, we returned the pillows the next day for a refund and cancelled our mattress order. If just a small foam pillow could cause such a toxic chemical-induced assault on our nervous systems, then a full mattress would be exponentially hazardous. The after-affects of those pillows continued for a couple of days after, too. (I guess the fact that this "space-age" foam is NASA-endorsed should have been a warning sign of their toxicity). If anyone knows of any retailers in our area who sell organic mattresses, please let us know. Also, if we find one, we'll be sure to post here to let you know. We're glad we found this message board as it proves consumers aren't "crazy", just the mattress retailers who would try to make us out to be so they can sell their toxic wares to an unknowing and trusting public. 
Edmonton, AB Canada - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 16:37:06 (CDT)
What happened to Quality Control?
Wish I read these comments before I purchased my Simmons Dreamscape Wyden on last week. I am experiencing the same toxic odor too ... to the point that I can actually taste the chemicals on my tongue when I'm on or near that mattress. For the past week, the low temperature has been in the 40s - 50s and the high has been 60 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I have kept my bedroom windows open to the max and the odor has still permeated my sheets, mattress pad, comforter, pillow, nightgown/pajamas, etc. I have been sleeping in another room on the floor in a sleeping bag until I solve this problem. After talking with several mattress sales personnel, I've been told it's the "Foam Manufacturers." When the foam isn't cured properly, it causes the mildew odor! I have notified my salesperson who has offered to exchange the mattress set. Now, I'm waiting for delivery of a Sealy ... hope this one is ok. How does one determine how much chemicals we are being exposed to? Do you seek an environmental inspector or what? This ill product has got to cease. Can you image having a newborn baby sleep or nap on this bed ... I'm afraid the odor will have a fatal affect on a baby. There needs to be some type of government regulation to prevent production of this type. 
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Baltimore County, MD USA - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 07:21:45 (CDT)
Swedish Foam Mattress & Arthritis
We recently purchased a Swedish Foam mattress ($2100.00) and my arthritis has become much worse. I seem to do better when we go somewhere and sleep on another type mattress. Does anyone else have this problem on a foam mattress? Please let me know. Email: bet2000 at
Thanks. Minden, LA USA - Monday, May 05, 2003 at 11:17:08 (CDT)
No Rest on our Beautyrest
We have had our Simmons Beautyrest for about a week. Since then, we have experienced headaches, rashes, overheating, and now I have a full blown sinus infection. We have stopped sleeping on it and it is now leaning against our bedroom window.  The smell lingers and I get nauseous whenever I enter the room.  After reading this site, I'm convinced that it won't do any good to order a new one.  We see the manager on Tuesday.  I'm wondering if we should demand a refund and order an organic bed.  If anyone can recommend an organic bed, I'd appreciate hearing from you. 
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Lake Stevens, WA USA - Sunday, May 04, 2003 at 14:03:43 (CDT)
Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop
April 2003 3 weeks ago my husband and I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop from Mattress Giant. We were told it had to be treated with Guardman Mattress Protection in order for the warranty to be in effect. So, we paid to have this stain protection applied. When the mattress arrived and the delivery men removed the plastic, they told us to keep the sheets off for several hours to air out the mattress because it had been sprayed with this stain protection. The smell made me nauseous and smelled like a chemical odor.  I figured the smell was from the stain treatment and not the mattress itself. I kept the sheets off, closed the doors, and opened the windows for several hours, but the smell never left. I waited about 5 days to sleep on it, but I could still smell the odor through the sheets. It has now been 3 weeks and I have slept on the bed on and off, but can still detect the chemical odor. My husband has been sleeping on the mattress and it doesn't seem to bother him, but he has never had a strong sense of smell. We are returning to the store this week and would like to return this mattress, but what should we exchange it for?? Seems like all the major brands have complaints. Unfortunately, I let them take my old mattress set, so we will have to get something. The mattress itself is comfortable, it's the smell that worries me.
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Westwood, ma. USA - Sunday, April 27, 2003 at 20:35:32 (CDT)
The Beautyrest Smell from Hell
I guess I have the same problem as everyone else on this site - the moldy, chemical odor emanating from a Beautyrest pillow top. This is, of course, followed by the burning throat and eyes. What really irks me is that I had some pre-knowledge, as one of my neighbors had the same problem (she exchanged for another new mattress with no problems or odors). When I purchased the mattress, I told the salesperson that the whole store smelled like what my neighbor described, and he said it was the fire retardant used in the foam and that it should outgas in no time. It has been one week today since the mattress was delivered. The second day I had the mattress, I enclosed it in a zippered vinyl slip cover and that cuts the stench to almost zero. Today, I propped the mattress (sans slipcover) up over the forced air heat all day in an attempt to speed up the outgassing and all I have now is a still stinky mattress and house. I'll call the mattress store tomorrow and in the meantime I will continue to rely on the slip cover. 
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Tacoma, WA USA - Saturday, April 19, 2003 at 23:15:33 (CDT)
Thank goodness I've come across this page as I am researching what new mattress to buy. Fortunately, I haven't been affected by a toxic mattress in the past and will now be considering something organic. For those of you who are still suffering/recovering from the adverse effects of these poisonous beds, it sounds like your immune systems can't take any more abuse! Look into the DETERGENTS you wash your CLOTHES and DISHES with... our bodies are like a sponge, absorbing all these harmful toxins (think of how these chemicals affect our bodies on a cellular level... free radicals? eventual disease?). Most of my household cleaning products/detergents are organic and tend to last as long (if not longer) than the regular store bought brands. Go to your local health food store and check out the all-natural skin lotions, detergents, etc. It's time we get back to the basics. Grace
Victoria, BC Canada - Friday, April 18, 2003 at 14:26:36 (CDT)
SIMMONS Beautyrest Disaster!!
We bought a Simmons Beautyrest King size Mattress set from Mattress Warehouse, their top of the line bed set, for an unbelievable $2700. To make a long story short, over the last month and a half since we originally purchased the bed, we have had six or seven sets delivered with the same unbearable chemical odor. Some smell more, some less. We had to sleep in other bedrooms, send out bedding for dry cleaning and stay out of our room. And what really blows me away is the lack of either the store or the mfg to offer any sincere apology for this mess. We have been dealing directly with a Simmons sales rep. After he finally admitted that they have been experiencing a problem with their foam supplier, he said they ordered new materials and said they would build and ship us a new bed. They made additional deliveries with no better results. Bedding companies will not refund money. They will make exchanges but one of the solutions offered us was a new loaner bed which happened to be a Serta top of the line. THAT BED STINKS TOO!! What can any of us do????????????? Please email us if you have any thoughts about this. THANKS! 
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Crownsville, MD USA - Monday, April 07, 2003 at 15:06:24 (CDT)
I've been sick for the past 6 years due to Spring Air.  Had to retire due to flu like symptoms, fatigue muscle and joint pains and rashes.  Slept on the sofa for a few nights to to cable outage in the bedroom.  I began to feel better after only a few nights.  Will never sleep in this mattress again or by another.
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EVERETT, WA USA - Friday, April 04, 2003 at 20:37:25 (CST)
I sell beds and have not been made aware...
I've been selling beds now for five years and some customers do come back and complain of a bad smell. We are told that its the fire retardant chem's and it will fade. We have never been told it could be harmful to health.. Visco foam mats are new in most shops in England and they are selling really well. Retailers need more information about what they are selling, and perhaps they would reconsider dealing with manufactures that produce these outgassing products. 
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Northampton, England - Wednesday, April 02, 2003 at 15:21:18 (CST)
Sick from TechnoScout's Foam Mattress Topper and Pillows
My wife and I purchased a Memory Foam Ultra Mattress Topper and Pillows from TechnoScout last December. Since then she has had a terrible cough and sore throat. She has been to three different doctors and has been taking medication trying to alleviate these problems. After two months of no improvement we started looking for other answers. We suspected the foam mattress topper and pillows, so we removed them. Since removing them she has been getting better, but has not yet totally recovered. 
Rexburg, ID USA - Friday, March 21, 2003 at 17:58:38 (CST)
New futon giving me asthma (cont'd)
The futon shop told me the only chemical in the futon is boric acid, an odorless fire-retardant, and that the smell came from the cotton and would go away. This is hard to swallow considering that it was the futon cover and not the cotton stuffing that had the strongest chemical odor (as I discovered after opening up the futon to try and identify what part was causing offense). I couldn't stand not being able to breathe, so I donated the futon to a nearby homeless shelter, although I warned the administrator that they shouldn't offer it to any homeless who might have chemical allergies. After I removed the futon and aired out my apartment of the lingering fumes, my lungs are returning to normal. 
Honolulu, HI USA - Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 05:13:44 (CST)
New futon giving me asthma
I bought a new futon (Cannon Sleep Products) from a local futon shop and have not been able to get rid of the chemical smell even after 2 weeks. Worse is that it is giving me asthma (cats are the only other thing that gives me asthma). I even unstitched the stitches and removed the cover so I could wash it in the washer. After the washing the cover was fine and relatively odorless, and in fact turned much softer than before when it was hardened with the chemicals (flame retardant, I assume). The problem is that the smell and the chemicals seem to also be in the inner cotton and foam, which I can't put through the washer. Now I wonder if I should just continue letting it air/outgas some more or dump it (only 2 weeks old) and buy a more expensive, organic futon before my health is permanently affected. 
Honolulu, HI USA - Tuesday, March 18, 2003 at 06:26:51 (CST)
AUTISM? and our crib mattress
My 24 month old son sleeps on a crib mattress that is either 5 or 7 years old (we had two). It was made especially for the Bellini crib. He is autistic. Many autistic have high levels of metals in their bodies from environmental sources. Babies make warm, wet little Petri dishes out of their mattresses, allowing mildew and molds to grow: theory is the gasses emitted are toxic with arsenic and antimony used by treat mattresses for flame resistance. I cannot pinpoint any "cause" for my child's regressive condition (he WAS NOT born with it) and question these poison mattresses! I will try to buy a protective cover for a NEW mattress and go from there. 
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Bellingham, WA USA - Sunday, March 09, 2003 at 14:44:29 (CST)
Killer hives, Asthma, depression - delayed?
After reading some of these post, I'm beginning to wonder about a few intense unexplained allergic reactions over the last 14 years. First symptom was an intense itching on my fingers that came and went the first year, getting progressively worse. It then progressed to all regions of my body but had no appearances of rashes until one morning the bottoms of my feet were swollen, red and with itching between the toes. Within weeks it was a morning ritual with the feet but it didn't stop there and was spreading to my face and other parts of my body randomly every morning in the morning for a good 2 years. The allergist said nothing was wrong. Really? So why give me Seldane? Seldane did help but too many headaches from it. The symptoms subsided after about a 3 year run for maybe 3 good years but then returned with a vengeance to the point that I was too embarrassed to leave the house in the morning. My lips were so swollen I could hardly form words, bags with fluid under my eyes, fluid under my scalp and monster hives in places you don't want them but mostly on my back side, I do sleep on my back. On 2 separate occasions I was at the emergency room due to hives in my mouth and esophagus unable to breathe. A new prescription of Seldane was doing little good neither were loads of Benadyl with this run. Again nothing showed up with the scratch tests. One day they're there the next they're not but still always in the morning. A new allergist with a new batch of pills did some more extensive testing but nothing new or conclusive but he thought maybe wheat was the culprit. I cut out eating everything that was made from wheat flour but at the same time I moved to the couch for 8 months due to a domestic dispute. Of course the problem with the hives almost vanished within a month but not completely 4 years ago. Occasionally I will get some fluid under my eyes or one of those unexplained itches on my hands. Our new mattress was 5 or 6 years old when those first symptoms appeared around '84ish. We gave it to our daughter about 10 years ago when she was about 3 or 4 which makes the mattress about 15 years old at that time, she has Asthma which seemed to develop about 3 years after she began using it and has had some extremely scary attacks followed by bronchial infections requiring the usual procedures and meds and ASAP medical attention. My son had Asthma when he was young because he used to sleep with us quite often, too often. Our new mattress is about 10 years old and my wife has a constant morning sneeze routine like I've never seen. About 11 years ago I began having trouble with depression and still am on anti-depressants till this day and have lost plenty. We have no pets! Is it this mattress deal or what? I need to add the terrible sinus infections that were developing after about 2 or 3 years with that first mattress as often as 4 times a year for the following 13 years. That's 4 of us with bronchial problems at the least. Myself having the most problems. 
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Brookfield, Wisconsin USA - Tuesday, March 04, 2003 at 20:42:31 (CST)
Just bought and returned a Simmons
I found this site at four in the morning after I woke up choking and gagging with lungs filled with a clear mucous. I knew it was from the Simmons $2000.00 mattress we bought last week. The chemical smell had been bothering me but I never expected to get quite the reaction I had. I am glad to see there is a site that can be used to verify our dilemma. The minute the delivery people brought in the heavy mattress, I covered it with a mattress cover. There was a slight odor but I expected some newness. What we found was an odor that permeated the mattress pad within a few days. My husband complained of a mildew smell and I was too overwhelmed by the chemical smell to notice it. Normally, I am hypersensitive to mold smells but the chemical smell took precedence. We took off the mattress cover and put on a sheet while we washed the mattress cover and went to bed. The fumes from the mattress woke me from a dead sleep in what I would call an asthma attack. I do not have asthma but my lungs were filled and I could hardly breathe. I picked up my pillow, changed the pillow case cover and went to our guest bedroom. My husband woke up with a stuffed head and sickish feeling. We are now both sleeping in the guest bedroom in twin beds. We contacted the store where we bought the mattress and the salesman and store manager came out to our house to “smell” our mattress. The salesman said it was the same smell he noticed all the mattresses had when he went to the Simmons factory. I told him the mattress was making both me and my husband sick and told him I wanted this bed out of our house ASAP. I also showed him a few of the pages from this site and stated my response was not unusual. This was Monday and today, Wednesday, they came to remove the bed and gave us credit for our purchase. The smell has permeated all of the linens and hopefully has not infuse into the rest of our room. Chemicals tend to stick to other chemicals very easily. I hope our carpeting does not pick up the strong chemical out gassing. We also bought a pillow for 99.00 using the memory foam and that too is going back. These companies should be ashamed of themselves for selling toxic substances for people to sleep on. I consider this a criminal act….Forget Let the Buyer Beware. The public should be aware these products have toxic outgassing. Now the problem is where to buy a bed that is not a toxic waste dump. Until we find a less toxic bed, we will continue to sleep elsewhere in our house. 
Sarasota, FL USA - Wednesday, February 05, 2003 at 14:30:00 (CST)
Backache, fatigue, headache = Sealy
My husband and I purchased a Sealy posturepedic in December 2001 since then we are both so sick (extreme fatigue, insomnia, infections...)that we can not sleep on our mattress any more. I called Foley's where i purchased it and they told me to call the customer services number. Today it's Sunday so it is not open until tomorrow. An other day of nightmares ahead. I am happy to not be alone in this situation. Do somebody know what mattress can be good for me? julachan at
Plano, tx USA - Sunday, February 02, 2003 at 12:47:39 (CST)
Getting sick while sleeping on a new foam mattress.
My husband and I "ditto" the majority of the physical complaints experienced from sleeping on our new foam pillowtop mattress. Neither of us have ever had any allergies. We are returning our 2nd $1700 Simmons Beautyrest Cal-King mattress today. It too failed it's 9 day airing test. We thought we owned the problem because our retailer claims they haven't had any problems with their mattresses They said they had some foam problems 6 to 9 months ago. It seems the effects are cumulative. Once exposed to the chemicals, we've become extremely sensitive to the fumes in the bedroom. It took a couple weeks to recover from the chemical reactions of the 1st mattress. We still feel crummy after trying to sleep on the 2nd mattress three days ago. We only lasted 3 1/2 hours before we had to exit the bedroom for relief. We had aired the 2nd mattress for 6 days prior. In hindsight, we have been foolish to assume we were the only ones experiencing this problem. We'd sleep with the windows wide open propped on two pillows each with the blankets tucked tightly to keep the fumes from coming from under the blankets. Oddly enough, our body heat seemed to magnify the problem. Our retailer's policy allows mattress returns with instore credit. No refunds. What should have been a rewarding experience has become not only a health hazard, but a future dilemma. 
Bellevue, WA USA - Friday, January 31, 2003 at 14:14:57 (CST)
Had delivered Stearns & Foster- So smelly
Can't believe I found your site. I thought I was going nuts thinking I was overreacting with this smell, like paint thinner. Our first night on the S&F "Chesterbury" and I had to sleep with my kids because of the smell. I am so disappointed. We didn't know anything about this problem with the foam. We waited 2 weeks for a "great night's sleep", after our old mattress of 13 plus years. Now let's hope we have a good retailer that will help us quickly get something we can sleep on. We will be starting the calling tomorrow. 
Email: ebanderson at
Toronto, OH USA - Sunday, January 26, 2003 at 16:13:33 (CST)
Stores Selling Natural Non-Chemical Mattresses
If you would like to purchase a non-petroleum - chemical free based mattress check out the link below. These are different manufacturers selling mattresses made of wool and cotton and do not use chemical based disinfectants - fungicides etc. If you are a wholesaler or retailer selling natural/organic bedding please contact promotion at and they will get you listed on this page. The link for natural/organic bedding is...
USA - Saturday, January 25, 2003 at 22:21:04 (CST)
Simmons making this asthma sufferer  SICK SICK SICK
My husband and I just bought a Simmons Backcare...the first bed smelled so badly of mildew, my asthma (which is normally controlled) shot out of control. After being told "it would go away in a few days," the store finally agreed to supply a new one. Now, the 2nd mattress is worse than the first. It smells so bad, I have to stay out of the room, and put a towel under the door. My eyes burn, my throat hurts and is tight, and my skin even itches. I hope to get rid of this disaster - but then what?? What mattress is safe?? 
VA USA - Friday, January 24, 2003 at 14:06:04 (CST)
Mildew Smell
A couple of weeks ago, we bought a Golden Soft Impressions II Mattress. When we took the plastic off, we noticed it smelled like mildew. I called the store and was told to give it a couple of days. Eight days later it still smelled like mildew, as did the rest of the room. We returned the mattress and was promised a replacement. The three mattresses we have had to select from smelled as bad as the first. We can't get our money back, unfortunately, but we also can't sleep on those sickeningly stinky mattresses at the company. acaudle at
Waycross, GA USA - Friday, January 17, 2003 at 15:01:36 (CST)
Warning Simmons Mattress Owners: 
We purchased a King-size Simmons Beautyrest mattress and box springs set (Wyden model) from Dean Woodland, manager of the Metropolitan Mattress store at 4923 Chandler Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85048 on 13 October 2002. Metropolitan Mattress is a subsidiary of Mattress Discounters in Virginia. The total price of the purchase was $2099.99 and included the mattress, box springs, basic frame and a Guardsman Protection Plan against stains. The minute the delivery people removed the plastic it was apparent that the mattress had a strong and peculiar order, similar to pesticide. Since trying to sleep in this bed (sleep is not an option) My wife has had serious headaches, stomach aches, burning eyes and throat from the odor. This has become so serious since receiving the Simmons mattress, my wife has been sleeping on the couch due to the ill-affects of the odor that is permeating from the foam, and I have awakened with sinus pain and headaches every morning that I have managed to stay in bed all night. The smell permeating from the mattress is so intense that my wife can't stand to be in the same room with the mattress. The minute she walks in her eyes begin to water and become red, and her throat tightens. The "flu-like" symptoms have continued despite trying to air out the mattress and room, so she went to the doctor last week. The examination confirmed that the irritation from the mattress has caused her to develop an infection in her respiratory system for which she is now being treated. We went back to the mattress store the day after we purchased the mattress and told them we wanted to return the mattress for a refund or exchange it for one that is not toxic. So far we are just getting a run around. Anyone who is considering buying a mattress should take heed and not buy Simmons since the company does not stand behind its product. If you are in the Phoenix metro area and are considering buying a mattress I would highly recommend NOT purchasing from Metropolitan Mattress. desertrat97 at
Phoenix, AZ USA - Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 16:36:33 (CST)
Where to find information
If you're interested in what outgasses, why, and what to get instead (and where), try the book Home Safe Home by Debra Lynn Dadd. I think is the cheapest spot to get it. It's got great information in Chapter three on plastics (petrochemicals) and the bedding section later in the book may help.
ID USA - Saturday, January 11, 2003 at 18:49:15 (CST)
Cavernous Structures Effect is about CSE. I have and even before reading about CSE I noticed a problem with foam rubber, in that I always got really hot in contact with it. Now that I'm on to CSE, I realize I sleep and sit upon foam most of every day, with all sorts of odd dizzyness and other effects. I'm finding an old-fashioned non-baffled waterbed ASAP. If anyone wants to track my progress of feeling better vladtia at
Caglary, AB CAN - Monday, January 06, 2003 at 23:02:24 (CST)
Obnoxious, Mildewy Smell from Stearns & Foster!
I have found cold comfort in reading these dozens of complaint letters on this website. Just today, the THIRD mattress/boxspring arrived, just as smelly and noxious as the previous two (Yes, the boxspring also). The SECOND set, delivered two weeks ago, had allegedly gone through a "Four-day Presidential Inspection" (quote from the salesman at a department store that begins with the letter "B"), and this THIRD set was allegedly going to bypass the Albany warehouse, and be "inspected" and shipped directly from a state that begins with the letter "P". Now that I have learned that FOAMEX is manufactured in "P" (Pennsylvania), I realize how futile that was. Yes, I will gladly join in on the class-action lawsuit. Headachy in Clifton, 
wittend at
Clifton, NJ USA - Friday, January 03, 2003 at 21:12:17 (CST)
WHAT DO I DO?????? 
CLINTON, UT USA - Wednesday, January 01, 2003 at 00:42:22 (CST)
Two incredibly smelly mattresses
I am now on my second "top of the line" Stearns & Foster mattress, it offers firm support but at a high cost...a musty stench that has infiltrated all of my linens and that is causing increasing breathing difficulties. The department store keeps replacing it, I am expecting the third one in about two weeks...they say this one will come from a different warehouse. They seem familiar with the problem. When I asked that the first one be replaced, they said they hadn't had that problem since last March. This website makes me aware that I may never get a mattress that doesn't come with this odor. The third try will be the last for me...but what is the alternative? 
skellogg1 at
Arlington, VA USA - Friday, December 27, 2002 at 23:08:59 (CST)
We are thankful for the FLOOR MODELS
On December 4, 2002, we had two brand new twin-size Serta Designer beds delivered to our home. After the plastic was taken off, we noticed a definite smell coming from the mattresses. We put allergen covers, sheets and blankets over the mattresses, but they still stunk. My daughters were so excited to have their own beds that we let them sleep on them that night, with me sleeping on one with the youngest. After 15 minutes, I had a headache and was nauseous. Since I am pregnant, I left the room with the youngest and my husband and older daughter slept on the beds. Although they didn't have any symptoms that night, I continued to get headaches and an "out of it" feeling just by being in that room. We noticed that manufacture date of the mattresses was November 27, 2002. I called the store, and the owner, although repeating that he has never had any problems with these beds, sent the truck for these and sent out an older mattress (Nov. 17, 2002), but upon arrival we sniffed it and it stunk, too. So three twin mattresses were sent back. The box springs didn't have smell, so we kept them. We went to the store soon afterword and fortunately they had two floor models of this bed. They were manufactured on July 7, 2002 and didn't smell a bit. We took those home and everything has been fine since. So it seems to me that these mattress need a long time to cure, some more than others, and when we need a new bed, I will for sure buy a floor model. And yes, we did pay full, new mattress price, but it was worth it to have the offgassing done there instead of our house.
Bemidji, MN USA - Sunday, December 08, 2002 at 07:36:20 (CST)
Tempur rated as "not recommended" in German Test
<riciabaker at>I am an American physical therapist living in Germany. I used to sell tempur products because I truly believed that the mattress and pillow system was a fantastic product. All my patients were also always very pleased with the products because of the comfort factor. No-one reported any allergy symptoms to me personally. HOWEVER, in May, and again in September 2002, the most widely read consumer magazine in Germany; "Öko Test", tested approx. 20 different mattresses for toxic chemicals. TEMPUR WAS THE WORST: The panel of researchers rated the products as "not recommended". Researchers found very high levels of toxins, including high levels of an arsenic compound and phosphor compounds. Many other chemicals are also listed. Some of the chemicals are used to make the mattress fire resistant and anti-fungal. The magazine also printed a letter from the German office of Tempur, threatening to sue the magazine.  The site is in German, but if you want the site address I can give it to interested consumers. The good news, at least in Germany, is that Tempur did get scared enough to remove most toxic chemicals from the mattresses and pillows (although who can really believe it until another test is forced upon them. One wonders what they will do with their remaining stock...hopefully not just send them to another country for sale to an unknowing population). 
Email:   riciabaker at
Sunday, November 03, 2002 at 06:02:03 (CST) 
Munich, Germany - Sunday, November 03, 2002 at 07:27:07 (CST)
Tempur-pedic-like mattress
Yesterday our newly purchased viscoelastic foam mattress arrived. My husband and I were so excited about sleeping on it last night that, at first, I ignored my concern about the strong out-gassing odor that was being released. However, because i am 7 months pregnant (first and only child!) and was so consumed with worry that these fumes would harm our baby, we slept in the baby's room on our old mattress on the floor. The mattress company claims that the odor will dissipate after a few days, but after reading all these comments we are seriously thinking of returning this mattress asap. Why jeopardize our health any longer than we have to? If anyone has any feedback or sites they can recommend for further research, PLEASE email us. we would appreciate it! -Janice
Email: beadagenic at
ypsilanti, mi USA - Saturday, November 02, 2002 at 12:55:07 (CST)
I just bought an el cheapo mattress and it is outgassing itself at the moment. (I always thought it was rude to "outgas", especially for extended periods of time, but I guess if you're a bed it's OK.) I felt better after reading this website. I thought it stank because I only paid $185 for it - at least I didn't pay $1,500 or more for a smelly mattress like some people did. Well, it's only been 48 hours. And it's for the guest bedroom, so I'll just leave the sheets off and the door shut until it quits a-stinkin'. 
Carlsbad , Ca USA - Monday, October 28, 2002 at 19:36:31 (CST)
Polyurethane Foams and Di-isocyanates used to manufacture can cause serious long term damage.
Hello, I have been diagnosed with Occupational Asthma, RADS Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome from the same chemicals used in manufacturing of foam bed mattresses.  Isocyanate are they key ingredient that mattress plant workers are injured by. I am an employee of DuPont that is pursuing regulation of this type of chemical and others that have injured thousands like myself. I disagree with the selling of products to the public that can harm them or untrained professionals. Auto finishes and bed mattresses are polyurethane manufactured by a chemical reaction called crosslinking using a variety of chemicals. The most dangerous is Isocyanates.  DuPont has launched many sales programs targeting sales of the products like this to the untrained consumer. I was removed from the design team and demoted for voicing my concern for the health of the general public. I was told the fine print on the label is sufficient warning to the end user. Please go to the CDC Centers for Disease Control web site to research Asthma the primary reaction. The chemical manufacturers are also claiming that if you had Asthma as a child and then you are exposed to other irritants like these you are simply one in a million people that have prior history. So if you receive a chemical injury early in life as a child or young adult by one these products that later causes great personal damage it will be considered a pre-existing condition resulting in great loss to you and your loved ones. The CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission is our best resource for they log all complaints so they can be used to remove or regulate harmful products The CPSC would like to hear your complaints. If enough complaints are filed action can be taken to remove or restrict trade of the dangerous products using harmful chemicals. Since it takes many years for symptoms to persist most people are past the 4 year statute of limitations to recover from personal damage. Please file your complaints as soon as possible to help others that have suffered the effects of these products. 
Please contact me at dannymuir at if you would like to join others in a class action suit. Your names will remain anonymous. Thank you, Matt Wright for creating this webpage. May you reap what you Sow!
Atlanta, Ga USA - Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 17:07:54 (CDT)
How to Make a Non-Toxic Bed
While many people are becoming ill from the evaporation of petroleum chemicals from synthetic rubber foams - fungicides - etc. used in the production of modern mattresses, it is essential that individuals experiencing health problems while sleeping locate a non-chemical bed immediately. As a temporary (or permanent) solution - you can either purchase a natural/organic bed by clicking the green link at left or do the following: 
1. Use your old bed or go to a thrift shop and purchase the size mattress you would like. 
2. Use a carpet cutting knife and take off all the material around the spring core. The best way to do this is to place the bed outside on a stable surface (many small pieces of foam break off in this process). 
3. Use the knife to cut along the edge all the way around the perimeter of the bed. 
4. Pull back the material and separate it from the spring frame. You'll probably need a pair of needle nose pliers to open some of the connection rings binding the material to the spring frame. The average bed takes about 20-30 minutes to remove the "skin." When completed you are left with the steel springs of the bed. 
5. What makes any bed comfortable depends on the amount of material used to cover the steel springs. Bedding manufactures have found that rubberized foam is both soft - effective - and very inexpensive. However, since the rubberized synthetic foam is made from dozens of petroleum based chemicals, a non-toxic alternative is to simply cover the bed with about a dozen oversize blankets and literally wrap these around the frame. You can customize the softness of the bed by increasing or decreasing the number of blankets. If you purchase new blankets for this - it is strongly recommended to wash all blankets first in a non-fragranced detergent such as "Tide Free" to remove chemicals used in the processing of the blanket. When you are finished covering the bed in blankets you simply put on the normal sheet and you're all set to go.... Chem-Tox 
Durham, NC USA - Sunday, October 06, 2002 at 10:23:53 (CDT)
Sterns and Foster Mattress Problems
My husband and I purchased a Stearns and Foster pillowtop mattress in June of 2002. The chemical smell was extremely strong and caused burning eyes and headaches. After running a high fan on the mattress for 1 full week, we decided to try to sleep on it. The next morning my husband and I were under a " brain fog" that lasted for the entire morning. We immediately returned the mattress. After this experience, we did some investigating and found out about the contaminated foam that was sold by Foamex to the mattress manufacturers in late 2001. Since this mattress had a manufacture date in March, we decided it must have had contaminated foam. We then purchased a Stearns and Foster Eurotop mattress. It had the same chemical odor; but not as strong. We decided to try to air it out. We aired it out for 1 month. The chemical odor still permeated any linens that we tried to place on the bed. We returned this mattress. The store asked us to try another mattress of the same kind. We did this; but the chemical smell was very strong again. We returned this mattress. A Foamex representative advised us that the foam problem had been corrected in the beginning of 2002 and a representative from Stearns and Foster said that they have had no problem with chemical smells in their mattresses. We decided to try a different brand of mattress. We purchased a Simmons pillowtop mattress. The chemical smell was even worse in this mattress and we experienced the same headaches, burning eyes, and "brain fog". We returned the mattress. Each of these mattresses cost in the $2000 range. Fortunately for us, we had the stores write on our contract that we could return the mattress, at our discretion, if there was a chemical odor. What is going on with these mattresses? Is it possible that the extra foam that is used in eurotop and pillowtop mattresses is intensifying the smell? Is the tainted foam from last year being slowly dispersed back into the foam supply to the manufacturers? One lesson to learn from this is to never let the delivery people remove your old mattress before you are sure the new one is okay. We have now been without a mattress to sleep on since June. We do not like latex mattresses which was a suggestion to us. It was also suggested that we try an all-cotton, all-wool mattress. I see them on the internet; but know of no store to try them out in. If anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail me. clarkj at 
USA - Sunday, October 06, 2002 at 10:01:53 (CDT)
A Possible Solution
Here's what we did and it worked pretty well. After we grew tired of replacing mattress after mattress, we decided to try a different approach. We went to Target / K-Mart or Wal-Mart and bought a small window vent fan. We slept with the fan on exhausting the smell out the window. This actually took care of the problem. After about two months, we no longer needed to use the fan. Hope this helps. Yes, I agree a consumer shouldn't have to go thru this. But, this at least gave us a mattress to sleep on. 
Andy disciples_in_christ at
Ormond Beach, FL USA - Thursday, October 03, 2002 at 21:07:44 (CDT)
I purchased a mattress about two weeks ago, the smell has permeated the sheets. I purchased it for my son whose 2 1/2 years old. I'm actually going on my third mattress with the retailer. The retailer tells me that no one else has experienced any problems with the mattresses. So I must be going crazy or something. I have open the windows in my son's bedroom, aired out the room who knows for how long..., I have even put Febreeze on it-not helped one bit. Hopefully, someone will get to the bottom of this. All I know that I have not been feeling myself since I purchased the mattress. Headaches, dizziness, memory loss and tired! If anyone wishes to contact me, 
aurelie.martinez-kennedy at
BRANFORD, CT USA - Monday, September 30, 2002 at 11:22:08 (CDT)
A smell even a mother can't love
March 2001-Bought Stearns and Foster mattress and box spring. It smelled musty. Wait a week for the smell to dissipate. It smelled after a week. Called the store. Sent envoy to give a "sniff" test. Envoy agrees mattress smells- orders a new mattress. New one comes-it smells but not as bad. Keep it and suffer through and delude its ok. Then it sags. We complain about smell and sag. After months badgering, retailer agrees to supply at their expense (non-warrantee) a new mattress but cheaper model. dec 2001-New one comes- it smells (same smell as other two). Tag says mattress manufactured 3 days earlier. Wait a week for smell to dissipate. It doesn't. Complain to the retailer. They think we are crazy- never happened to anyone else. Keep complaining. Guess what- Stearns and Foster sales rep calls to tell that there is a foam problem causing mattress to smell. Willing to replace mattress and box spring (the smell permeates everything- pajamas, sheets, bedding). (a PA company that manufactures foam advises the world that a few mattresses smell and recalls foam. Local news in NYC and Boston have smelly mattress exposes)  Problem now fixed! WE GET A NEW MATTRESS (NUMBER 4) SAME SMELL!!!! 
Ardsley, NY USA - Friday, September 27, 2002 at 12:26:12 (CDT)
Six months ago we bought a KINGSDOWN bed. When we took it out of the plastic it had a very strong chemical odor. Just being in the same room with it was making me feel very sick. We decided not to sleep on it until it outgassed for a while. We figured it might take a week or two. Four months had passed and the smell was almost as strong. The smell had permeated everything in our room so strong that I was unable to even enter the room. We returned the bed. Now three months after removing the bed from our room we are still unable to even use our room (I have to hold my breath if I have to go into our room to get something). We have tried everything to get the odor out of the room. We have left the windows open with 3 fans running day and night (rain got in and ruined our hardwood floors), we have used an ozone machine to try to neutralize the odor, we have removed everything from the closet and washed it. We have scrubbed down everything in the room 5 times, including walls using water and baking soda. All of this still has not removed the odor. Will we ever be able to live in our bedroom again? Any suggestions? E-mail Joyce atBMC123456 at
Asheville, NC USA - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 20:15:32 (CDT)
Wondering what to do with toxic mattress
I would like to know if the offending mattresses can be tested for chemicals, and if so What chemicals would one look for? And are there any lawsuits in progress? Any info would be appreciated. chantalmb at
USA - Saturday, August 24, 2002 at 13:54:11 (CDT)
Simmons Smells Stinky
Yesterday our NEW Dresden Simmons Beautyrest was delivered. I thought it was the mattress poking me all night that made me feel ill. I was up and down all night, bouncing around on the mattress. I really thought it felt sorta good, sorta bad. After reading the messages on this site, I now know why i have neck aches and a flu-like feeling all over. The mattress smells like toxic chemicals, not necessarily musty but STRONG. we put a sheet over it and that sorta kept the smell "in check"... after reading this site, i decided to uncover it to "air it out"... the entire rooms smells like chemicals!!!!!!! god, this is awful. the place where i bought it refused to exchange it until i mentioned the smell. do these people know something that we don't????? Pissed in Pu, 
Pulaski, VA USA - Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 16:54:35 (CDT)
Neurological symptoms coincide with purchase of new mattress?
My husband and I purchased a new Serta mattress that was delivered 2 days ago. I awoke the first night at midnight - feeling anxious and with a stomach ache. My symptoms progressed to muscle-shaking (hands, legs, even my back), some trouble speaking, headache, and dizziness. I thought it was food poisoning. As soon as we got to the emergency room, I felt better. Instead of waiting and ending up with doctors prodding me, I decided to go home. I felt better but had trouble sleeping. Last night, I awoke at 2am with the same symptoms. This made my husband speculate that perhaps I am allergic to the new mattress. I'm trying to get an appointment with my doctor in the next couple of days; meanwhile, I'm going to try sleeping on the couch to see if that helps.
Pacific Palisades, CA USA - Friday, August 09, 2002 at 11:54:17 (CDT)
I am falling apart piece by piece.
I hurt my back and the Dr said start sleeping on a wooden board. I found the board to hard so I ordered a gym mat. to put on top of it to sleep. It came int he mail and I notice a foul chemical odor . I thought it was from being seal up in the plastic bag. I put it on my bed and slept on it. The next morning I woke with such a head ache and sore throat and sinus problem I couldn't think clearly I was late for work and groggy hours later from the fumes. I aired out this mattress but the smell stayed. I sent it back to the company. I had sinus problems and throat problems since. It s costing me a fortune. I found this site by accident thank god i now know it wasn't all in my head.
CH02721 at
Fall River, MA USA - Thursday, August 08, 2002 at 05:49:58 (CDT)
Healthy Alternatives?
With FM I've always been most comfortable on a waterbed or air mattress. Last month we threw out our 5 year old Select Comfort air bed because the smell was bothering my husband (with no history of allergies or MCS). We thought replacing the bed would be sooo easy because we simply ordered an identical replacement. When it arrived, the vulcanized rubber air bladders and foam side rails were outgassing horribly. We left the components in a room by themselves and vented out the air - after a week there was no improvement so we shipped the mattress back to the manufacturer. They claim they've had no other complaints about outgassing, except on the visco-elastic foam layer (which this mattress did not contain). So then we purchased a Shifman mattress (with all virgin cotton, etc.) from a discounted source. They managed to deliver a used mattress to us and it was badly contaminated with mold. Although the mattress has now been returned (we have good laws in Maryland, thank goodness), the mold spores seem almost impossible to clean up from the carpet, papers, air ducts, etc. - despite running two IQ Air filters in our 1000 sf apartment. So my question is this. What do I buy? The conventional mattresses are all out - that's obvious. The air mattresses feel wonderful but the foam is intolerable. The cotton mattresses seem especially susceptible to mold (and my allergies are so severe I have to have a vinyl encasing over my mattress, after it's outgassed of course, which would only foster mold growth.) This site is excellent at identifying the mattresses which aren't tolerable, but what are people using successfully? I don't trust the sales spiels from any of the mattress makers or distributors - I want to hear what real people, with real environmental susceptibilities, are sleeping on in good health! Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated. 
Please contact me at talittle at
Rockville, MD USA - Thursday, August 01, 2002 at 18:40:46 (CDT)
Toxic smell from Simmons
My husband and I recently purchased a new Simmons Beautyrest foam top mattress & box springs. The minute it was unwrapped I noticed a strong chemical smell- it reminded me of the smell of new carpet underlay and immediately I felt stuffed up, like I was getting a cold. I couldn't sleep on it, but the smell permeated the house and we all felt sick. We moved it out to a separate guest room and I notice the smell is getting less. But I feel very suspicious of ever sleeping on it. The dept. store is very apologetic and says they have never had a complaint like this before. Simmons says they have had no complaints either but maybe there was a batch of "smelly foam" or something?? They are happy to ship us another bed, but won't it be the same?? Please write if you have an opinion or advice. D. Hanks damahanks at
Victoria, Canada - Thursday, August 01, 2002 at 15:56:48 (CDT)
Muscle Weakness... after Sealy
Previously included my comments but forgot to include EMail address. Please feel free to contact me regarding class action/investigation/reaction information, etc. 
Email: tris1 at
Cave Creek, AZ USA - Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 11:10:10 (CDT)
Spring-Air my foot
My wife and I purchased a Spring-Air mattress about 4 months ago. The first night we slept on it we noticed a potent chemical odor eninating from it but we figured it was just because it was new and that the odor would go away in a couple of days. After a week the odor was worse than ever so I called the store where I purchased the mattress and explained the problem. The manager explained that this sometimes occured and that it was caused by the curring of the foam but would fade within a couple of weeks. Three more weeks went by and the odor had not faded at all. In fact it was so strong some nights that I had to sleep on the couch because the odor cut my breath. All the while my cat developed problems with his breathing. I took him to the vet and was told he had asthma and would require medication. We didn't make the connection between the cat's health problems and the mattress right away but after that first month we were suspicious that the mattress odor could be the cause. The store agreed to exchange the mattress for another of the same type but that this one had been airing out in the warehouse for over a month. Lo and behold, the moment it came into the house the same chemical smell was evident in this mattress as well. Still, we decided to try it for a week to see if it would dissipate. One week later I called the store again with the same complaint and told them that my cat had developed asthma and that the vet agreed that the mattress could be what triggered it because it was the only new item we introduced into the house. After two weeks of playing telephone tag with the manager she agreed to let us return the mattress and apply the cost toward a different one. My wife and I tested several before we found one that was equal in comfort but without the chemical odor. We settled on a King's Down mattress which was $200 more expensive. We were very happy with the new mattress and after 2 weeks I took my cat off the astma medication. The cat recovered completely as far as we can tell but this confirmed to us that the Spring-Air mattress was indeed the cause of his pulmonary distress. Having read several accounts of similar experiences I'm happy to see the problem has been identified and steps are being taken to correct the problem.
Stittsville, ON Canada - Monday, June 24, 2002 at 12:01:53 (CDT)
IKEA child bed
We recently bought our two and a half year old a new bed and foam mattress from IKEA. After sleeping on it for two nights, my daughter vomited on getting out of bed and was vomiting for hours. The smell from the mattress was really strong and we aired it for about two weeks. The smell was less but still there. We tried her on it again and she now has a cold and cough that she can't shake. She is no longer sleeping on it and we will approach IKEA for a refund. 
York, WA Australia - Friday, June 07, 2002 at 01:18:27 (CDT)
Banner Pillow-top Mattress outgasing
I recently bought a Banner Mattress with a pillow top. The material content is 20% cotton and 80% polyurethane foam. Of course, the smell and outgassing are awful (the store models didn't smell at all). The first night I slept on it I woke up reeking of foam odor, my glands were swollen and eyes itchy. I called Banner and they acted like they have no idea what the odor could be since I didn’t order any stain guard on the mattress. They blamed it on the plastic wrap that protects the mattress during delivery. They said they would be happy to exchange the mattress for another but I didn’t think that would help after realizing that I had indeed bought a toxic product (I should have bought an organic mattress but they are very expensive!). Knowing that some products will outgas rather quickly, I put the mattress outside in the sun for a week. That seemed to dissipate the smell. However, when I brought the mattress back into the room and left it there for about week the smell started to come back. I have had the mattress for a month and it still smells. I want to return the entire mattress set and buy an organic mattress but my Banner Mattress receipt says All Sales Final- No Returns (Exchanges okay under warranty). What do I do? I really want to get rid of the thing! Has anyone successfully returned their mattress set for a refund?ecoconservation at
Idyllwild, CA USA - Saturday, June 01, 2002 at 11:37:59 (CDT)
addition to 5th mattress..
I switched to the simmons not knowing there was a problem with them also... 
Kim Lahey at
Levittown, Pa USA - Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 21:59:31 (CDT)
Strens & Foster going on my 5th mattress
I purchased a S/F mattress in Jan,2002.the odor was horrible mildew smell, I was told buy the delivery men it was a new mattress smell. Within 2 weeks I had a sinsus infection w/ infected lymph nodes,3 different antibi. for a month. Mattress was replaced with a new one not the 1 I ordered. Third mattress pillow top S/F still smelled, mildew. I was told by the salesman & S/F that the manafacture of the foam rubber put too much chemical in it. That foam rubber is also used in the following,S/F,Sealy,Simmons. The Simmons is my 4th ,I am back on antibiotics,& sleeping on my living rm sofa. This has been going on since Jan. 2002. After reading this I plan to contact my lawyer. Kim Lahey
Levittown, PA USA - Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 21:10:17 (CDT)
Tempur-pedic - Could it be causing numbness & tingling
This could be reaching very far, but I bought a tempur-pedic mattress about 3 or 4 years ago and 1 1/2 years ago I started having a numbness and tingling in my body which has just recently gotten worse. I'm still having medical tests done so it could be some disease like MS, but I'm also looking for other reasons and was just thinking about my mattress this morning. I'm going to stop sleeping on it starting tonight to see if that makes any difference in my symptoms.
Basking Ridge, nj USA - Saturday, May 11, 2002 at 06:39:51 (CDT)
Muscle Weakness, Back, Neck and Head Pain, Confusion after Sealy
I purchased a Sealy pillow top on 2/27/02. The first night I slept on it I didn't sleep well and felt not myself. I started having episodes where I couldn't hold my head up, speak, and even walk very far. I started to sleep in another bed and started to improve. I exchanged the bed for another Sealy that didn't have cashmere or stainguard, since I thought that might be causing my problems. I noticed the new bed did not have as strong an odor as the first sealy. However, within a couple days of sleeping on the 2nd Sealy I started having the same symptoms. I moved back to the old bed. I tried again to sleep on the Sealy and within minutes I felt like I had taken some very bad drugs and left the room. I can't even sit in the bedroom for very long without feeling very weird. I am now hyper-sensitive to any chemical smells and feel like I'm going to collapse when around them. I've already returned one bed, so the store says the second sale is final... but I will try returning. I missed two weeks of work and have been to countless doctors and the emergency room to figure out what is wrong with me, but I keep coming back to this bed with the weird smell. I bought two air purifiers and placed by the bed and that made the smell even stronger and made me sicker. My chest hurts so bad when I wake up in the morning. I thought it was silly to think a bed could do this, but I'm convinced this bed is loaded with chemicals, although the sales person assures me it's not. I've called Sealy, but they didn't return my call. Surprise! I am ready to throw this possessed bed out the window and see how many innocent birds are killed by the chemicals.
Cave Creek, AZ USA - Sunday, April 28, 2002 at 13:22:44 (CDT)
My parents bought themselves and my husband and I both new Simmons Beautyrest mattresses about two years ago. They both now have valley type indentions on both sides and a ridge in the middle and are about to be replaced. While looking for similar problems on the internet, I stumbled upon this page. Looking back, around the time we got the mattresses, my mom started having serious health problems. In the beginning she was having headaches, pains, and knotted muscles. They diagnosed her with fibramyalgia, and over a year ago she started having uncontrollable seizures. They so far have been unable to tell her what the cause is or find a lasting way to stop them. If there is anyone who knows exactly what toxic chemicals are in these mattresses and how to get them tested, or has had or knows someone who has experienced the same problems, please let me know.summerlovelace at
Plains, TX USA - Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 17:24:48 (CDT)
Headaches, Neckache, Memory Loss
My husband purchased a new Sealy pillow-top mattress a little over a year ago. He loves it. It makes me sick though. I wake every morning with a headache and experience headaches and neckaches off and on through the day. I've experienced quite a slide in memory since we bought the bed (I'm only 41). Recently I wrapped the bed in plastic and have felt a little better. There was actually a time yesterday when I felt good. I thought it was the spray applied to the mattress (to prevent stains) which was the problem, but am beginning to think it is the polyurethane in the mattress causing the problem. I'd be interested in any info on this situation. ruth at
Chugiak, AK USA - Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 21:35:51 (CDT)
Smelly mattress
We recently received a second mattress from Stearns and Foster. This second mattress also emits an obnoxious odor, although it is not as bad as the first mattress we received. I have had itchy, puffy eyes which I attribute to the mattress. The smell does seem to be less than it was originally, but it has been about three weeks. Boston News Center 5 - posted an article on "Smelly Mattresses" on January 11,2002. It includes a statement from Foamex International documenting a recent problem. You should be able to get a copy of their article at
Regards, Andy disciples_in_christ at
Ormond Beach, FL USA - Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 17:59:39 (CDT)
Sick from Sealy Posturepedic
I purchased a Sealy Posturepedic mattress last October. I started to feel fatigue shortly afterwards. Within the last 2 months I have suffered from severe headaches, visual disturbances (blurry vision, reduction in peripheral vision, and eye pain) fatigue, brain fog, neck pain and generalized aches. Today I contacted Sealy who was unhelpful. I would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit. This is a crime! 
Email:  chantalmb at
Long Island, NY USA - Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 18:12:41 (CST)
Spring Air Mattress - Toxic reaction
Yesterday, I purchased a Spring Air Concord Mattress. While at the Mattress store, I began to feel foggy, irritable and itchy. After about 3 hours of sleep, I awakened with body aches and pains, and decided it was the wrong mattress for me. The following day the itching increased until we removed the mattress from the house and I took a shower. My lungs also feel tight. I called the store ASAP. They tell me they have a no return policy. Anyone with a similar reaction, please let me know. 
Email:  shirleya11 at
Portland , OR USA - Monday, March 11, 2002 at 02:20:03 (CST)
Tempur-Pedic/ viscoelastic foam
About 30+/- days ago, my partner and I have purchased a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Suddenly, our skin has have become very itchy, our throats are sore, we have broken out in red rashes where we have had contact with the mattress & pillows, difficulty breathing, etc… When we take a benadryl, our symptoms temporally dissipate. (I never thought that we could get sick from our bed. Especially a $1,500 bed!) Does anyone have information on allergies to the materials in the bed or advice on how to test the body for these allergies? Has anyone had similar experiences with this stuff? Thanks for your help. 
Providence, RI USA - Saturday, March 09, 2002 at 16:31:14 (CST)
Expensive Englander Mattress outgassing
My new queen mattress has an obnoxious odor which I now know is the outgassing of the foam used in its construction. I called the dealer and they told me that it is common, to warm the room to encourage the outgassing and the smell should go away in 3-4 days. 3 weeks later I can still smell it although it is less. My concern is the probability of a health hazard that my family and I are being subjected to.
Vancouver, WA USA - Thursday, March 07, 2002 at 10:09:44 (CST)
Are Rent-A-Center stores selling refurbished mattresses as new??
My boyfriend purchased a bedroom set from a local Rent-A-Center approx 2 1/2 years ago. The set came with a Sealy mattress and box spring. After a little over a year, this mattress had fallen apart. The springs stick thru all over, it is lumpy and the sides cave in and you sit on a long wire. The warranty on the mattress is for only 1 year. A Sealy mattresses should not fall apart after only 1 year. I had never thought about the fact that the mattress could be getting us sick, but come to think of it, I wake up with headaches alot and I never feel rested when I wake up. A while back, I saw a program on refurbished mattresses and how they find them and put them back together. Anyway, how can I find out if the mattress I have has been refurbished and sold as new and what should I do if this is the case. Also, has anyone out there had a similar experience with a Rent-A-Center store or any other rent to own store? I would be interested in hearing your story.
North Providence, RI USA - Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 08:25:46 (CST)
Colleen Madden
My husband & I purchased a mattress and mattress pad from IKEA and had it delivered. When we removed the plastic covering, it smelled like chemicals. (Although not as bad as a Sealy we had purchased previously-which made us really ill and "braindead" for months) With our previous experience of toxic fumes in mattresses, we new we would need to air the mattress, so we put them in our rarely used living room to air out. We left them there for 2 1/2 months, turning and jumping on them almost daily to help the off gassing. We have tried twice since to sleep on them, but each time wake up with headaches, nausea, and groggy brains.
Email: colleenmadden at
Olympia, WA USA - Friday, March 01, 2002 at 16:49:06 (CST)
Boston News Center 5
Boston News Channel 5 posted an article on "Smelly Mattresses" on January 11,2002. It includes a statement from Foamex International documenting a recent problem. Their website is and the name of the article is "Smelly Mattresses Sold Across Country". You should be able to get a copy of their article.
Regards, Andy disciples_in_christ at
Ormond Beach, FL USA - Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 11:49:17 (CST)
My New Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Made Me Very Sick!
I bought a new Beautyrest Belmont Mattress on January 8th 2002. The morning of the 9th I woke up with bags of liquid under my eyes I also had a headache and neck pain. The glands were swollen in the back of my neck and I felt very tired and "out of it". I thought it maybe an allergy but the symptoms also resembled the flu (except for the eye's...scarry). After the symptoms getting worse I finally went to my doctor, she ran a ton of tests...everything from Mono to Thyroid testing all coming back negative. During all this I was getting worse. I missed over a week of work and stayed at home in BED. Finally we decided the bed must be the problem. So I slept over at a friends house for 2 nights, I felt great but then when I slept on my mattress again not only did the symptoms return but they were worse. I am now on the couch and have tried to get someone to take some action...What should I do? 
Mistee Wilson 503-997-4754 
Email: TheLowCarbStore at
Portland, OR USA - Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 15:02:38 (CST)

Carpet cleaning-enzyme treatment (chemicals used to clean carpets)
I am searching for some supporting material for a lawsuit. I had a carpet cleaning company spray a various variety of additional chemicals in my home and it had a very adverse reaction on my health. I had allergy like symptoms such as redness of my eyes, my nasal passage feeling as if it were on fire, respiratory infection, and problems...and internal problems such a gastrointestinal problems, also neurological problems such as numbness. My husband and I have had to sell our nearly new home and all of the furniture in it...I am trying to find supporting evidence not only from the thirty thousand in medical bills that I accrued from this devastating experience, but some like cases to support me legally, so that I can recover some of the many of thousands of $'s that my husband and I have lost from this...including my health. Can you point me in the right direction, do you have any recommendations for me? Or can you point me in the right direction? 
Thanks, Dana Jackson, Ms USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 22:13:09 (CST)
Illness after new mattress exposure
I purchased a new factory made mattress. It had a horrible strong order like mildew and mothballs. I developed respiratory problems and chest pains.
Email: ctrapp at
Seattle, WA, USA - Friday, January 11, 2002 at 13:11:31 (CST)
Musty mildew smell allergy to mold and now worst
We just purchased a Queen size Simmons beauty rest mattress on December ,2001 and we slept in it one night. My husband is allergy to mold and it really made him sick. It smells like musty mildew mold. I am trying to get the company to take it back. We cannot afford to write this bed off and we cant sleep in it. They are coming to look at it on Thursday and I pray they take it back. 
email jda at
Gladwin, Mi USA - Friday, January 04, 2002 at 21:04:53 (CST)
Simmons BeautyRest
We just purchased a new Simmons BeautyRest pillow top mattress. We spent 1,200.00 for it. We up graded to a king bed and we love the size. The bed is very comfortable but every time I go into the room I smell an odd smell. It's like maybe a mold or a mildew smell. The first two evenings I woke up with a headache. I sprayed freebreeze on it to kill the smell. Every time I go into my bedroom I swear that my heart rate increases. What's going on?????
Pittsburgh, pa USA - Wednesday, December 19, 2001 at 13:32:52 (CST)
Simmons BeautyRest and Hives
Three years ago I bought a new bed for my daughter. Within a month she developed a persistent case of hives but we could never pinpoint the cause. We then moved into an older home where our bedrooms were very close by. Soon afterwards I acquired the same killer hives for about a year. She graduated and moved away taking her bed with her. Within 3 weeks my hives began to disappear but I was never sure of the cause. In August I bought a new Simmons Beauty Rest pillow top bed. Within a month the hives started to return and have gotten gradually worse. It finally occurred to me there might be a connection between the hives and the new bed. I have since moved the bed into the garage (one week ago) and I'm waiting to see if the hives disappear.
Belleview, Fl USA - Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 19:04:47 (CST)
New Mattress & Skin Rashes
Recently purchased Simmons memory foam pillow-top mattress and developed skin discomfort and rash within a very short period of time after that. My partner has not experienced rashes, but has been complaining of headaches upon awakening. All of this started right after the bed purchase. We spent over $1300 and it has been only a month, so we are trying to isolate whether the bed is really the problem.
Raleigh, NC USA - Monday, August 13, 2001 at 01:44:52 (CDT)
On January 1, I purchased a TEMPUR-PEDIC MATTRESS and it was the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on, about April I was not able to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours, I would wake with difficulty breathing & loud ringing in ears and mild flu like symptoms. I don't sleep on it any more & now sleep thru the night.
USA - Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 11:21:35 (CDT)
fatigue, muscular and joint pain
My partner and I decided to buy a "real" bed after years of sleeping on futons. This purchase happened to coincide exactly with the conception of my second child. Our two year old daughter was also sleeping on this bed with us. For the first two months that we owned the bed it was offgassing so badly the whole room was inundated. We called the company where we got the bed to ask questions, but they were very unhelpful. I started to experience extreme fatigue as well as muscular and joint pain. Now that I think about it my daughter had clear discharge from her nose almost constantly at this time. My husband would get up every night and go sleep in the other room, because "he just didn't feel comfortable sleeping in the room" Finally in February after we talked about it we decided to not sleep in the bed anymore. My daughter and I are both feeling much better as well as my husband who sleeps much sounder on a futon. We have yet to find an affordable alternative to a "real" mattress, but I am now seriously concerned that these products are being sold to consumers like me who have the right to know, yet are not informed of the health risks of sleeping on these toxic beds. 
Eugene, OR USA - Tuesday, April 17, 2001 at 13:17:28 (CDT)
Polyurethane foam and sealant
I have had a swollen itchy and flaking eye for 10 years, ever since moving into our new house. The wooden floors were newly polyurethaned. When I slept downstairs in our finished basement without these floors I did not have the problem. I then developed asthma. I forgot about the polyurethane thing UNTIL I noticed that the eye condition and asthma symptoms got worse every time I slept in a bed (oftentimes I slept on our couch thinking the rugs and attic bedroom might be the asthma culprit.) Then I started pulling out the convertible bed in our couch to be more comfortable. My eye got itchy and swollen again and the asthma symptoms of coughing and throat clearing worsened. I read the label on the mattress and it says: Made with POLYURETHANE FOAM. I am doing further research ont this to see if it is the cause of my problems. I was glad to find a site that addresses this very much ignored cause of allergies and illness. 
My e-mail is: limaran at
Brooklyn, NY USA - Tuesday, February 20, 2001 at 11:47:07 (CST)
What experience does anyone have with Tempur-Pedic mattresses? This mattress is made of a viscoelastic foam; I found it incredibly comfortable, but yet unsure if I want to buy it. 
USA - Friday, February 16, 2001 at 23:41:10 (CST)
Is the bed to blame
My son had chronic sinus infections the entire first year of his life. As a newborn he slept on a foam mattress. When we switched him to a regular mattress he started with asthma symptoms.  He has been hospitalized twice and now takes singulair to maintain the asthma. I am ready to throw out the old mattress, after reading this information.
Email:  shelly_niemeyer at
(If anyone has info. on different material mattress)
St. Louis, Mo USA - Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 19:53:55 (CST)
Foam Cervical Pillows
This does not concern mattresses, per se, but does involve polyurethane foam pillows. After a car accident and resulting neck problems, I've spent the past 15 years sleeping on foam rubber "cervical pillows." Just last night, it occurred to me that the "foam rubber" might be the problem. After one night on a non-foam pillow, I found did not cough throughout the night, nor did I wake up wheezing. For the past 15 years, I have had respiratory and sinus problems, pills, antihistamines, inhalers, etc., not to mention antidepressants for emotional problems that probably stem, as much as anything else, from sleep deprivation, waking up 10-20 times a night with violent coughing spasms. I am BRAND NEW to this kind of search for problems involving foam rubber. ANY input would be welcomed. I really think that, finally, I am onto something here!
Email: themcbears at
Shoreline, WA USA - Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 14:30:26 (CST)
Child suffers from mattress
When my son was 3 years old, in 1998, we bought him a "big boy bed." Shortly thereafter, he had to be rushed to the emergency room with a severe asthma attack. Since then, he has been plagued with many more asthma attacks, skin rashes, hoarseness, sore throats, loss of voice, sinus and ear infections, bronchitis and several bouts of pneumonia all before he as 4 1/2 years old. When he was sick, he would sleep with me for a couple of weeks, until he got well again (in case he had trouble breathing) and then we would put him back in his own room. Every time he went back to his own room he was sick again within 1-2 days. Finally my husband and I realized it was his new mattress making him sick! We have remedied the situation, with a new mattress made from different materials, and Since July 2000, he has been off his nebulizer machine, albuterol and flovent puffers, singluar pill at night and steroids he sometimes had to indure for bad asthma attacks. We are hoping that he will go a year without any of his meds. and we pray that his health has not been affected for the rest of his life. 
Sue Kazousky
Email: skazland at
Templeton, PA USA - Monday, November 20, 2000 at 19:10:26 (CST)
I purchased a Sealy mattress. After one week of use I developed a skin rash, soon after severe fatigue set it in, the rash got worse and finally I stopped sleeping on it. I was advised by my massage therapist that it could be the new mattress and I got rid of it. I have documentation of the symptoms from my doctors and I even still have the receipt of the mattress for verifications. I continue to have symptoms of skin rashes, and sensitivity to chemicals. Terri Shelton.  
Contact me at casasiesta at
Roswell, New Mexico USA - Thursday, October 12, 2000 at 16:45:50 (CDT)
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USA - Thursday, October 12, 2000 at 00:20:02 (CDT)
Is There A Healthy Mattress?
Can anyone direct me to info on alternatives to toxic mattresses? janetlondagin at
Arcadia, CA USA - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 03:08:17 (CDT)
Health Improves after Removing Bedding Foam Materials
For over 10 years I routinely awoke each morning with mild cold symptoms (stopped-up nose) and excessive tiredness. After reading an article about the toxic chemicals used in modern bed construction I literally performed surgery on my bed and removed all interior foam/padding components and replaced with a number of blankets. The next morning (and every morning thereafter) the cold symptoms were gone and I also felt a large improvement in energy and well-being. I can't believe I endured these lousy symptoms for all those years because of a chemically manufactured bed. If it affected me like this - it is quite obvious it is causing serious health effects to infants - young children - and developing offspring.... And we wonder why we are seeing such increases in child behavior/learning disorders - asthma - and other immune and neurological effects.  All courtesy of our profit seeking (at all costs) chemical industry...!!
Vero Beach, FL USA - Sunday, October 08, 2000 at 02:06:02 (CDT)
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